09 Casual dating versus serious dating — everything you should know Posted by: admin on 9th February 2017

Every person has a different set of expectations from a relationship; some look for long-term partnerships while there are a few who just seek a casual partner. And all this completely depends on a number of factors, including a person’s previous experience from a relationship, his lifestyle, age and other commitments.

Before embarking on any dating style, it is significant for you to understand your personal expectations and what all do you want from a relationship. That is why in this post, we are weighing the cons and pros of a relationship. Based on this, you should decide which one is apt for you.

Emotional Commitment

If you yearn for a committed person who is there for you emotionally and physically, then you are a serious dater. In such relationships, you will experience trust, potential love, companionship and respect. On the contrary, if you are not at all ready for an emotionally committed relationship, then you should go for casual dating. With this form of dating, you can keep things relaxed and casual every time.

Physical Relationships

For many people, the physical aspect of a relationship is the most important thing — but some yearn for beginning a relationship based on love and on creating a sense of belonging. A serious relationship will always put the physicality aspect on the back burner. So if you want to build a relationship slowly, then serious dating suits you.

Fun Experience

Both casual dating and serious dating are fun in their own right. Casual dating gives excitement and thrill to create fresh experience — you may even probably get chances to have sex casually. However, if you are in a serious relationship, you will be compatible with the person and will even share similar interests.

So if you are looking forward to creating quick sexual thrills, then go for an NSA extramarital affair — but if you want to take your relationship to the next level, then embark on a fresh relationship that will not be predisposed to frivolity ever.

That is it, people. We have given you enough low-down on casual dating and its serious version as well. If you want to add a few things to this topic, which we may have skipped in this post, then do comment below. But if you have liked this post and found it useful, then do share it with others without any further ado. We promise to come back with yet another interesting piece soon.