05 Married fling for a release you have long been looking for Posted by: admin on 5th October 2016

If you are too comfortable and close with your partner whom you married, things may appear to be boring in due course. In such a scenario, contrary to the popular belief, having extra marital affair actually helps strengthen a marriage.

More people getting into extra marital affairs

It is more for the purpose of emotional release than a physical need that people look out for relationship outside of their marriage. Cheating your spouse helps you get the release that you can’t get with your lifetime partner. That’s the reason more and more women and men are now cheating with their partners. It’s no longer considered a taboo.

Reclaiming your sexual life

In a married fling type of relationship, you do not invest emotionally with each other. You look for married fling as your relationship with your partner has lost the shine and luster that it had some point of time. Relationship outside of marriage recharges your for sexual life and makes you more energetic and vibrant. Since there are no strings attached in the relationship, you are free to move out of this relationship anytime you wish, making it all the more attractive to the married people.

No strings attached relationship

Just like you, there are women and men out there who are looking for married flings to have one night stands or regular hookups. has innumerable profiles of married men and women who are looking for extra marital affair. They consciously cheat their partners without having any guilt feeling. Coz if you bring emotions and guilt in such a relationship, you will never be able to get the full charm of it.

Keeping the relationship discreet

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