29 Why people cheat and have an extra marital affair? Posted by: admin on 29th December 2016

Not all men/women cheat in their marriage but some do cheat and have sexual relationship outside their marriage. Rate of people cheating their spouses has increased significantly in recent years. Reasons why people cheat in their marriages can be many, but this post briefly discusses some of the factors that plays vital role in men/women have sex outside their marriage.

Lack of sex or sexual satisfaction

One of the primary reasons why most men or women start having an extra martial affair is due to lack of sex or sexual satisfaction in their married life. Most of the people belonging to this group are young women in their last 30s or early 40s.

In sex is not working of married couple, it is alarming sign that any one of the partner can get involved with someone else (someone outside their marriage) through extra martial affair by meeting likeminded people from married adult dating UK, in order to meet their sexual need in the most erotic and satisfactory manner.

Curiosity for new experience

Many people (both men and women) sometimes get bored by having monotonous sexual relationship with their partners. All they desire is fun, adventures and trills in their sexual life. The curiosity for new experience has led many men and women to start a sexual relationship with no bandage attached with someone outside their marriage.

Most of the extra martial affairs are perfect combination of need for connection, desire and anguish. There will be rarely any extra martial relationship without conflicts or even distress.

Lack of emotional satisfaction in your primary relationship

In some cases all your partner is interested in having sex with you. This is a very compelling reason for many to have an affair. Lacking the emotional connect from their partner, causes the participants who start extra martial affair for meeting their precise need of emotional closeness with someone.

Desire for additional sexual encounters

Some people start a relationship outside their marriage, to get additional sex as a reward for their achievements in life. There are reasons why these individuals are getting enough sexual encounters with their spouse.

Falling in love with someone new

Few people in a survey conducted by independent sources stated that they fall in love for the person with whom they have started their extra marital affairs with.

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