25 The tips of making a killer online dating profile Posted by: admin on 25th November 2016

There’s a lot of conflicting counsels on writing your dating profile on the web. Put simply, your profile on any affair-dating site should be a cross between a PR and a CV. It’s a bit tricky, but don’t fret as we’re giving you people the finest low-down on creating the best profile that’ll be a bombshell magnet from the word go.

The Dos of making an exclusive online dating profile like a pro

Include facts but not fictions

Hey, if you’re a couch potato, you shouldn’t ever discuss your fitness schedule. Your profile should cover all the facts but not fiction. The profile should have only true info.

Tell what’s unique in you

Tell her why she would pick you over others to have a fiery fling. You have to specify your uniqueness uniquely. And remember that while writing about your uniqueness, you shouldn’t brag.

Tell interesting facts interestingly

Your life is full of facts—as we’ve said in the first point—and you shouldn’t include even a single piece of fiction. So you’re being honest, and that’s great—but you should tell each of those facts in the most interesting way.

Brevity is the key

While penning your profile, you should be as snappy and succinct as possible. However, don’t ape Twitter in any way, but you should keep it short and simple. And be very specific when you’ve to cover facts about yourself. That’s because none is interested in reading about you at length—you ain’t a celebrity.

Username should stand out

You should try being playful with a username and a headline. You should create a hook because every possible match will be more curious about your life.

Be positive about yourself and your capabilities

You have to be in the best frame of mind while you’re writing your profiles. You should be happy about yourself and positive because then only you’ll churn out a profile that’s worth giving a glance.

The points that your profile shouldn’t have

Uncertainty kills everything

Despite having a killer profile picture, you won’t attract a single match for an extramarital affair because your profile sucks. If your profile has an uncertain tone, you won’t be able to attract matches. So be certain in what you like and what you don’t.

No lies, please

If you lie about yourself, you’ll wreck your image. We’ve seen people lying about their age; some people say their 39 even if they’re 50. Now, don’t do this ever. Not even a single lie has to be entrained.

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