15 Extra Martial Affairs: There are Six Different Types Posted by: admin on 15th December 2016

There are many reasons and factors that are responsible why one member of a couple goes outside of their relationship. One of the reasons that people are engaged in having an extra marital affair is that affair sex is amazing. This post briefly discusses different types of marital affairs London.

1. The “It’s only lust” Affair

One of the most common types of extra marital affair is “it is only lust” extra martial affair. In this relationship, it is mostly about sex. Cause of this relationship is mostly sexual dissatisfaction among any one of the sexual partners. It can feel extremely feel really intense. In addition to this, this relationship is one of the quickest to flame out. Due to compelling and liberating feeling from this kind of extra marital affair, can effectively hidden emotional conflicts.

2. The “Mind-Body” Affair

One of the most dangerous forms of the extra marital affair is the mind-body affair. One feels spiritually, intellectually, sexually and emotionally so complete. As it feels so “right” of course, the mind-body affair is extremely threatening to a marriage.

3. The “I’ll-Show-You” Affair

One of the partners has realized her or him resentment and anger towards her wives and husbands after their years of an unhappy marriage. They get involved in a relationship in order to deal with her/him desire for revenge for unhappy marriage. In the marital affairs London, it is soon realized that one of the partner is only here for sex without baggage but soon dumped the other partner.

4. The “Just-In-The-Head” Affair

This relationship is between two individuals that prefer emotional connection as compared to sexual one. If the lovers don’t have sex, can you call it an extra marital affair? None of the partner in this relationship is interested in sex in this relationship as they don’t want to disrupt and leave their primary relationship that is based on friendship, trust and passion.

5. The “All-In-The-Family” Affair

Most “family” extra affairs are interwoven with family dysfunctions and buried resentments. In this relationship, the sexual relationship is formed between brothers or sisters of their spouse. For example, husband/wife had sexual relationship with sister/brother of their spouse. Eventually, one of the spouses (husband/wife) discovered the incriminating e-mails and the family affair quickly turned into a family nightmare.

6. The “It’s-Not-Really-An-Affair” Affair

In this marital affairs London, only one party of the affair is available but the other isn’t. In hope that other will leave his/her spouse, one of the partners of the extra martial affair stays available in a relationship. Most of the time, this never happen and it left one of the partners emotional and physical disturbed.