08 This is your perfect guide to hide your extramarital affairs Posted by: admin on 8th December 2016

You have a thing that takes you to the mighty rank of a Casanova. You have lots of extramarital affairs going on, and you are proud of your abilities. But a word of caution—before strutting your stuff, you have to learn managing each affair with effortless ease and composure.

That is because if even one of your shenanigans is exposed, then your entire life will fall like dominoes. For this very reason, we are shedding light on some great tips that you have to keep in mind before/while trying your luck in extramarital dating.

The technological bane of your existence

In the days of yore, spinning affairs was so simple. But in today’s times, your privacy depends on the way you interact with technology. So when your existence depends on technology, you are bound to leave a few digital tracks which may even blow the lid off the unholy sins which you commit. The examples of these digital tracks include conversation records, call logs, e-mails and social networking accounts. For this reason, you should have a system or method in place that can wipe away your digital tracks so that you can play safe every time. You can start by clearing your system’s Internet history or interacting with your married dater using incognito browsers.

Have an inscrutable alibi

Phony or weak alibis will doubtless make your affairs go public in no time. So when it comes to building alibis, you have to put in some serious thoughts. For your convenience, we will recommend you a few alibis that are inscrutable to some extent; they include gyms, cooking classes or anything else that suits your profile perfectly.

Unleash the true power of vagueness

Throwing specific, concrete lies in front of every one of your daters, and your partner, will offer little help. For this purpose, you need to be as vague as circumstances allow. Vagueness is one of the most powerful tools in the world of extramarital dating; that’s because if you have a vague identity, then it will be difficult to track you. But vagueness or discreetness may not always yield favourable results, so you have to keep changing your strategies whenever you think that your partner is on the verge of catching you.

So these are the top factors that help you to stay ahead of everyone in the game of extramarital dating. If, however, you have any other better tips to share, then we are all eyes. Drop them through comments below and enlighten every one of our readers.